Choosing the Right Remodel Contractor

Choosing the right remodeling contractor may be the most important remodel decision you make. But how do you know if your contractor is competent and capable?  One assurance of their professionalism and reliability is their membership in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. As the trade association for the industry for more than 50 years, this non-profit organization is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of the remodeling industry and to serving as an ally to homeowners so a NARI membership is a major signpost to look for on your remodel path.

NARI members:

  • Have access to the latest industry information through publications, seminars, conferences and other educational forums.
  • Pledge to uphold the associations strict Code of Ethics
  • Are dedicated to the professionalism and integrity of the remodeling industry. 

In selecting a contractor, NARI also suggests that you make sure the contractor you choose will:

  • Think your project through, start to finish. They should help you plan, outline your options, and discuss the improvements you can make within your budget. They should also help you analyze many details such as where electrical outlets should go, where storage room is possible, and many more vital remodel decisions.
  • Understand your remodel financing options. There are various financing plans available and your contractor should help you determine the one best for you.
  • Comply with local codes and permits (whether in San Diego proper or alternate municipality). Most reliable contractors will handle the permitting process for you - making sure his work, and your project, meets all structural, electrical and mechanical requirements.
  • Provide a written contract detailing the specifics of your remodel, including materials, size, color, model, and brand name of products used. Also approximate start dates and substantial completion dates. Prices, terms of payments, warranties and other details that assure the quality of your project should be spelled out.
  • Is licensed and in good standing. 

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